Monday, September 12, 2011

The Bike : 2009 BMW K1200LT

2009 BMW K1200LT
Peak performance and absolute amenities mile after mile after mile.
Among the forty-four standard features included on the dynamically modified K 1200 LT are a higher output engine, a modified gearbox, chrome package, a redesigned instrument panel and seats, a new paint finishes, and an electro-hydraulic center stand. Engineered for high-performance hauls over endless lengths of road, the K 1200 LT offers one of the smoothest, most comfortable rides imaginable.

I've had the pleasure of riding this machine around Alaska back in May and June.  Trail's End has had the LT since the fall of 2009.  So in an effort to break in the motor properly and get the machine through the service department for it's 600 mile service, I was charged with the duty of riding this big beauty.
My initial surprise was how agile this machine is.  For being nearly 800 lbs. with a full tank of over 6 gallons of fuel, it sure zipped along nicely.  Changing lanes and moving through traffic were a total breeze.  The acceleration was smooth and constant with very linear power.  The LT has a five speed transmission that is set up perfectly for road touring.  The first gear is low making slow speed maneuvering easier and it delivers plenty of punch to get up on plane.  Even moderately getting on the throttle delivers a genuine smile.  And passing in fifth (top) gear is plenty feasible but fourth will get you where you want to go quickly.
The Brembo brake system is extraordinary!  It is so good that it took a little bit of time to get used to.  Our model is fitted with the BMW ABS that is fully integrated, meaning that whether you use the foot pedal or the hand lever, both front and rear brakes are applied in perfect balance.  Long and short of it, this thing STOPS!  
The other really cool BMW exclusives on this bike are the Telelever front suspension and Paralever rear suspension, single-sided swingarm and drive shaft combination.  The Telelever front suspension minimizes dive under braking and isolates steering and suspension.  Combined with a load bearing aluminum engine and aluminum frame this chassis puts the 116 HP to the ground with minimal loss.
And then the creature comforts...  Most importantly to me are the heated grips and seats.  Seeing as I'll be riding through the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the USA temperatures are bound to be dropping like  autumn leaves.
I look forward to getting on the road and learning more of the joys of the big K1200LT...

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